dogPACER Doggercize classes

dogPACER Doggercize classes

Our certified dogPACER trainer Geralynn Cada is teaching doggy classes:
Yo-Dog-a; Primarily Seated Yoga stretches designed for you and your dog.
Doggy and Puppy Pull-a-lotties; Train your dog to not pull on the leash while you enjoy an overall body workout!
Retrieve and Burn; Train your dog to fetch in between interval training routines.

The goal is to first of all we're Working on their fear because all dogs We teach them that they're okay we don't Teach them they're okay they have no way Of knowing so this is one of the ways we Show them that they're okay by putting Them in a very vulnerable position this Exposes everything about them that can Be harmed their neck their chest their Everything about them their stomach Digestion and their general so Rafi has His tail wrapped up around the back Seeing that can you see his tails Wrapped up That's fear total fear no fear so as she Relaxes you'll start seeing her tail Drop as Fang now fangs better thanks Tails drops Bailey's tails drop yeah and It's tough for Shepherd sometimes once They've been shipped and trained to Relax because they think they're always On duty so one of the best things that You can do for a dog is to actually take Them off duty this is one of the ways You show them their off duty because You're protecting them and they're in a Vulnerable position so I will addition To this I'll do some stretches for their Shoulders and their hips to help open up Their shoulders and their hips because They're on them all day so they never Get a chance to stretch and actually a Release and The fluid moving lubricate their joints

Properly through not having pressure so I start by taking their arms and I grab I'm gonna just get back so we can see I Start by taking their show there are at Their elbows and I squeeze their elbows So their arms are straight so squeeze Their will elbows there I'm constraint If you rush out like underneath kind of Like it for stretching out in this Direction Good job Rocky good boy good boy you Have so that helps open up their Shoulders and then and then after we do That for about 15 seconds I'm gonna lean His shoulders to his legs forward so Press them forward so he had a chance to Open up in here see okay yeah So take your time and get a position and You can lay him on his side you're Easily don't be afraid you have nothing To fear nothing to fear So you can lay them on this side and you Can actually have them facing either Direction I just would like for them to Be facing away from you just like that Perfect I think they're kind of their hips joint They're her leg and then I just give a Little tiny press and you'll feel and Start to relax yeah just like that and Then that one just like just like that No right there and now you want to kind Of lean in and just press on and you'll Feel his muscles kind of start to let go

Feel that that cool because they're Tense all day it's like us holding our Shoulders tight all day long and then When someone comes up and rubs your Shoulders and releases that tension your Sense of home and that's what this feels Like for them to me total calming Some of the reasons we like to stretch Them or we should stretch them it Certainly helps First of all lubricate their joints to Keep their joints healthy but it helps Prevent arthritis it helps prevent Tendinitis which they're on their feet All the time they're instantly on the Move so we want to keep the joints Healthy and keep fluid moving through There like a pump and a filter and if we Don't pump the fluid through the filter Then things accumulate and that's when Problems occur so we do everything we Can to keep them healthy and happy keep Their joints healthy healthy and happy So we don't spend all of our time with Them chewing up our wallet I do it the Morning like this so I'm stretching Myself so I get my own stretch in while I'm stretching the dogs First time on a dog chaser We're teaching him that upon the leash This is all about the dog following the People the people's direction speed and Lead Your dog has been such a great

Experience for me and for my dog we love Coming to geralyn's class I've learned How to help my dog relax it gives us Time to bond and just to build an even Greater trust than we already have we Look forward to the class and now I'm Thinking I've got some other dogs at Home that I'd love to bring to this Class as well it's just been a great Experience We really enjoyed this class I was Babies first time on Doc pacer she did Really really well I think a dog pacer Is in her future and I love love Geralyn She was amazing she's training baby the Class that we participated in today it Was great class he loved it even if he's Not saying so big yoga class was great He was so relaxed he's never laid on my Lap upside down like that ever And he started burning like a cat You were so relaxed aren't you be Relaxed we loved it Katy and I would just like to say we had A blast today at yo dog we learned lots Of exercises and stretches Geralyn is a Great instructor and we hope to come to Many more classes Oh it was wonderful and it's so good for Both me and at all I had classes with Geralyn to help me get us certified for A service Handler and we had such fun Doing that Oh the mini Pacers delightful she used

Liked it I don't walk enough for her so We have to run around the house which Isn't the best for her and I have to be Careful not to trip You

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