How to Train a Dog To Walk or Run On A Treadmill | Tyler Muto Dogmanship

How to Train a Dog To Walk or Run On A Treadmill | Tyler Muto Dogmanship

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This video shows how to train a dog to walk on the treadmill. There are three dogs featured in the video, all of which are very challenging and/or aggressive dogs. Juno, a jack russell. Keno, a husky. And Humphrey, a mix breed.

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Okay so this is Juno Juno came to me About two days ago She’s a Parsons Russell Terrier who has A multiple bite history and is extremely Aggressive and extremely resistant to Doing anything that she doesn’t want to Do So we’re gonna start her on the Treadmill she’s never done this before She’s never been near the treadmill Before I always like to start dogs off With the treadmill already moving at a Very slow pace I have in the past couple Days begun Juno on my basic leash work Program so she understands leash Pressure as a form of communication so The way I begin this process is by Applying a slight forward pressure on The leash in the direction of the Treadmill and making sure that I release That pressure the moment she gives me Even the slightest effort it’s very Normal that a dog who’s never done this Before is going to be nervous about this Moving surface and that’s why any time She even shows that she’s leaning her Weight towards it lifts a foot up or Shows any effort that she’s trying to Understand what I’m asking of her I Released the pressure on the leash to Show her that I appreciate her efforts And I’m not going to push her beyond her Comfort zone You can see that she’s already starting

To progress further even with just her Front two feet being on the treadmill She’s doing that on her own without me Having to force the leash is quite loose There girl look at you if she gets Nervous like she does right here I Simply just let her walk away it’s not Worth the stress to make her work Through it You know you can see she’s pretty Aggressive off the camera can see back There at all What’s important to watch here is the Timing of pressure and release on the Leash it’s that release of pressure that Really shows her that I’m here to Support her and help her work through This challenging concept within just a Few minutes Juno steps up onto the Treadmill on her own with only slight Guidance from me and at this point I use The leash very lightly just to keep her Pointed straight so that she can Continue to walk this is a very odd Feeling for a dog it’s hers now that she Has all four feet on the treadmill it’s Important to increase the speed if the Treadmill is going too slow it is a very Unnatural gait and cadence for the dog So we need to get the treadmill up to a Speed where she can walk more naturally And feel more comfortable Now we’ve got the treadmill going at a Pretty comfortable pace for her you can

See that her gait is more relaxed and Natural in a moment you’re gonna see me Loosen the leash to allow her to slide Down the treadmill a little bit to feel That there is a boundary there right There the first time I heard back up but I want her to feel that boundary so she Can begin to self-regulate you’re gonna See it again in a moment that I do not Have to guide her she corrects herself And that allows her to figure out how to Stay more centered on the treadmill At this point Juneau is doing great and I’m going to get ready to end the Session but I do just want to know that If any point throughout this process she Were to start to panic and attempt to Jump off I would let her do that I do Not want to force her to stay on the Treadmill as that can be incredibly Stressful so now in a moment I’m going To slow down the treadmill and bring it To a stop I like to end the session by Stopping the treadmill and inviting her Off so she knows not to just jump off on Her own next dog is Kino Kino is a young Dog who doesn’t have any major Aggression issues but was extremely Out-of-control disobedient when he came In just a couple days ago and extremely Opposed to any guidance on the leash in Fact when we would get him out of his Kennel the moment we tried to lead him Anywhere he would start jumping up and

Down spinning in circles and biting at The leash in protest So I’m going through the same process With keno he’s a little bit more Resistant than Juna was he is a young Dog who has just a mind of his own and Really wants to go about and do his own Thing this is sort of his attitude Towards training in general he doesn’t Have a lot of focus at this stage he’s Made a lot of progress since the filming Of this video and is actually doing Quite well he’s going to turn out to be A really nice dog So with keynote it just takes a little Bit more repetition you can see he’s Just now starting to get his four feet Up on the treadmill even if it’s just For a second and that’s okay in these Early stages I edited out a lot of the Early repetitions because it was really Just the same stuff that you had seen And would be a little bit boring to Watch so he did in fact take a little Bit longer than Juno but he’s going to Come along just the same Good boy good boy Ronnie again you can See rather than force him to stay up There when he begins to get nervous I Let him step off on his own so he can See that we’re not going to bully him Through this process we’re here really To help him through it here his back leg Is a little bit stuck so I just helped

Him with my leg to get up there he was Just a little bit of an awkward position With the railing Good boy again now that he’s up here Comfortably the only thing left to do is To bring the treadmill to a natural pace For him so he’s doing pretty good I’m Raising the speed just a little bit and That’s about where he’s comfortable for Now eventually this dog is going to go Much faster because he’s a pretty quick Moving guy so I just wanted to show how Much of this transfers over into the Next session in this case I waited a day In between sessions and you’re going to See that even though he only did this One time and I waited 24 hours before Doing it again he retained so much of The experience and this time around it’s Very very easy for him to get up there Boy So now we’ve gotten moving along at a Pretty good clip And he’s doing great for a dog with a Lot of energy like he know it’s Important to get him going at a good Speed so he’s challenged both physically And mentally Alright so next up is Humphrey Humphreys Probably in general the most stubborn of All of these dogs we’ve got him on a Prawn collar that’s what his owners used To walk him at home he would just as Soon chock himself then go where you

Want to do on a leash and the prong Collar prevents that from happening so It’s a great tool for a dog like him and Even though he’s super stubborn what You’re gonna see here is that sometimes It’s just super so here you’re going to See that I attempt to raise the speed on The treadmill and Humphrey takes Advantage of the opportunity to jump Right on off when I’m not paying Attention so that was my mistake I slowed the treadmill right back down So that it’s easy for him to get back up There and we could start again and just As before we want to get Humphrey up to A good pace so you can walk at a nice Relaxed gait Well there you have it folks that is how We teach dogs to walk on the treadmill Please be careful if you are trying this At home and remember to never leave your Dog unattended on the treadmill

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