Part 2! How To Build a Carpet Mill/Tread Mill For Your Dog!

Part 2! How To Build a Carpet Mill/Tread Mill For Your Dog!

SORRY FOR THE LOW VOLUME, HEADPHONES MAY HELP. Part 2 of How to build your own carpet mill/tread mill. This is a step by step how to with a finished product.
Great way to condition your dog, i dont care why you want him conditioned, and i dont wanna hear any bs about for fighting blah,blah. Like and comment below to let me know how i did.

All right now we'll put it up and put These supports in same screw so even on All over the tape a little syndrome from The 46 So 46 divided by three 15.3 great 15 Inches apart so 15 inches a section Right over If I click this one back in there make Sure that you do this same way All right I went ahead and I screw these in I got Two screws on both sides on these center Supports here And I'm gonna have to put this little Stand up I was going to do a frame but It turned out to be a pain in the ass First time I try screw it in and split So I said you and I'm going to sort Of just as good so I just made that Thing it's like 28 inches tall the low Angle on I doubled it up look at better Support problem from here and then I Just put one across it in the center Over in the middle I mean going and uh I Marked it out and worked out on the back Here where I want my legs to be my back Leg and I'm going to put them on and Then I want to do the front legs and Want to adjust it how I want for the Front legs it's got I got screaming like All four corners here on those you know Ok put these all It's pretty solid only thing is I don't Really want to do it here in my living

Room I want to put an extra room so I'm Going to take it back apart I might just Leave it in here I don't really know What degree this is but uh I lifted the Front up but I've got the back I wound It and I just mark the sides so pretty Much the incline that I want now I think I'm on foot my foot four screws in here On me I might just quit too These dance crews been doing These little shitty ask me it's a new Alright I'm just going to put tape I Mean I'll take this I know people have Many will flip it over and do the other Side and then you sit here huh I just screwed in on the sides I putted Them up sky like a 45 when you went Across whoops Lord out there They're just got the angle I wanted on One side now measure got that number got That number marked over here in here and When did the bottom side so I've got the Same angle that try messing with scoring All that a lot faster this is what I got for the floor that panel board Sort of sleep suicide unit on Copperhead Carpet had some outdoor carpet ride Boats whatever so I'm going to use it Which slightly good just going to be Like that right there and be sliding Through coming back around and run I'm just gonna guess what kind of angle I mean what kind of slope I want you Know like I said this it's pretty slick

And that car is going to be pretty sleek To put away of who is going to them Working the probably Paolo ever you want Whatever you date you know how hard you Watch girls work as long as they slide I'll bust your ass and it's useless They They've got a work of not that mean I'll Just uh nice punch raise a note one more Piece You know just measure that side off the End and I'll go mark the other side then I'll put these on I might trim this up a Little bit good to fit on there I might Go ahead come on put carpet on come back Well I got the front legs on now and I've got three screed three screws and Down to and then I put this the four Piece on strem glow off with my knife And I just put forehead a little for a Small wood screws hopefully they won't Hang up on the carpet I think they have To wait though because Helen – before I Think me yet but I got four in that From now because I mean Fiat tight so we Ain't going over if I have to take it Apart just joking screws up jerky side Ones out two pieces here I got three Right here mark same way as I did over There same height and uh front legs the Floor and then put some screws in here To 2×4 is going up for the stand here's A carpet no it's just outdoor carpet This one I'm gonna put on it so I had

Enough I'm gonna trim it up to go all The way around I mean was already had this but it was $20 for a roll so that's what I'm gonna Put on and then we'll cut this up trim It up sew it together or something Somehow and then that immediate clean Loan and see how it works all right well This is the finished product Like you know my carpet I always last Time I did or not but my carpet I Trimmed it up I trimmed up the PVC pipe On both sides you know These bolts are right here I loosened Them out ready about that much from Touching the wood no I mean they don't Have to be tight all the way in they can Be loose without me they can be loose Sticking out like kids say they can be Sticking out and then I got this and I Got this right here oh just some Penetrating oil some lubricant and I Back them out and squatted in here to Help him roll I got some wax to car wax Let's think about waxing this and make It slicker Brummie after I sprayed that With the old and then back them out About that mood to me rolls good and I Just started coughing altogether I Stretch my car over time this is uh I Got this to hook on to him I got a Little harness on him and I raise the Legs up a little bit uh split these Pieces to buy 400 engine or he climb

Little burn I put him on there he just Sold it up so I'm gonna try it again Hearing a little bit work him in to get Used to no I mean it'll work though Because he ran across it I told some Here he did have a horse on he just ran Across and he took all going then he Jumped off I mean it worked I'm getting Two running on I'll post in this video No It's a good design work when doing one Good way to build one and just comment If you've been wonder if you're just Watching the video whatever come in let Me know what you think or foe you build One how you dog doing how it turns out For everything somebody You

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