DIY Carpet Mill made easy @ GJKennels

DIY Carpet Mill made easy @ GJKennels

DIY Carpet mill tutorial. With simple hand tools and a drill you should be able to whip one for yourself up in a few hrs.
Good Luck!

What's going on Tulane's for echo Villages kennels per request I am making A tutorial real quick it's late so I'm Gonna just knock it out a tutorial for This part but know that I mean a few Days ago a lot of you've been asking About it this is one of the quick and Easy designs that if you handy with the Tools you should be able to make it have A few other designs that I'm keeping Secret but this is something that you Can just go home people together make so Let's get into it This is the list of everything you need If you got a smartphone hopefully you do It get your screenshot that and that's a List of everything and I'll go through Where these pieces of lumber go So alright wanna start with the five Foot two by fours each five foot two by Fours oh my either side I start in the Box so this is a to long list on either Side you can have two 28 inch 28 and a Half inch I'm sorry it's Mumbai force Close off the front and rear the Box one Here one on the back Then one back to box it off next you had 31 inch two by fours and those are for The change support one in the top then You have one down bottom front and one Up front connects to the 17 inch 2×4 That acts as a as the incline 17 inch Incline I've figured out that when you Put this to about 31 inch 2×4 connect to

17 inch it makes it pretty quiet next You have the six inch There's four six inch tube outdoors – in The back on either side just to elevate The roller off of the ground and it Creates some nice little nice little Look and then you have one here well two Here one on either side and that is for The brace basically the brace for the Bracelet keeps it pretty quiet again When she's spinning there rollers at the 27 inch to about 4 years and then you Have a regular 2 foot 2×4 here these two Connect in order to create this tower Middle grace whatever you want to call It I call it a support me That creates that in the middle and it's Nice and sturdy connect it to that have Some chain just one foot I think this is Like remember eight games 10-gauge Something like that just to snap rings This harness collar wherever you use it I figured you use a harness so much Better quick note this 2×4 there's two Foot for the support it's a little bit Shorter I'm sorry for the height of my Dog underestimate how tall she was so he Got a little pig or stabbed people or Something this is the perfect guy but Jersey she's about 19 inches right now So I mean I would have been better off With a 30 inch 2×4 in the middle so you Can adjust it accordingly to whatever Dog or for and how does it work

Next we're gonna go into the middle of The box I forgot about the 25 inch two By fours you got to 25 years to life Force inside to complete the box all Right on either side and up i fastened These one and a half feet from either End so one and a half feet from the Front and then one and a half feet from The rear I placed the two by fours and Then on top of that just a regular two Foot by four foot flywheel board and That creates a floor so that closes your Box up makes it look real clean for my Rollers use four inch PVC pipe and Inside of that PVC pipe I put this here It's just building temporary this is a Little idea I've got for you to just Slide this right in the four inch PVC Pipe put two screws on each side so four Screws total that keeps it from wobbling Around and then you that and fasten you Pulse you have a copper sleeve these Sleeves usually mean they come out so You can see them there's one over here Copper asleep inside so it can roll on This ball can ride on this perfectly With very little resistance and just Spray it up with some some penetrating Oil or some silicone or whatever you got Handy and See dog laying around and that's what my Lease for my carpet for my carpet i Sealed it with max grit carpet tape so It's a pretty nice hole pretty clean the

Only thing is it creates a lip so that's Hard for it to if you make it too thick It's hard for it to go around the roller So you just want to make a thin scene Basically that's it you see her working On it That's it man it's pretty simple pretty Easy hopefully you guys can figure it Out but a Home Depot I spent body like I Had to make it twice that I messed up so It's got the probably 110 dollars total And send me about two hours to put it Together so if I can do it you can do it So good luck to everybody Rhodes was kind of signing out a couple Good night

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