DIY Dog Carpet Mill

DIY Dog Carpet Mill

So my Dad and I built this doggie carpet mill/treadmill for Jakin… works great to get him his exercise. Used lots of scrap wood, some 1/2 inch lag bolts to go in the bearings and into the timber. Used fishing line to sew the carpet. This video can be used to help desensitize an animal to a big dog especially a cat that likes playing with a toy on a string.

Okay this track with some anti slip tape Right here I just added that's kind of Giving a little extra grip it's carpet Underneath but there's duct tape Covering it so it will last longer It really likes this toy like a tiki boy So you can see some berries right here It's been really well walking and this Is the carpet we need some BBS v with Some timber inside most of this little Scrap wood so this helps him make sure It doesn't go too far Barry And I just added these extra hooks on The sides to kind of keep them in the Middle I'm Afra out of the bearings it Made it so that it was really smooth so He Papeete goes too fast or if it just Goes without that then sometimes he'll End up falling off the back cause it Just is so smooth and smoother than a Lot of it when we first tried it without The berries I had some turn UBA turtle Paste backs on from the board underneath Of that carpet on the top so you can see It doesn't take much ever for him in Fact if I unclip him he tries to go He'll actually So slippery it just thinking slightly Off so this kind of helps him One of the other first but it just Wasn't moving hardly at all Carpet was too tight but actually loose He likes it he gets super excited all I Have to do is fall for any super cool he

Knows what we're doing to get super Excited And the incline makes it more of an Exercise So for our regular treadmills it Controls whether you go sir

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